Acne is one of the commonest       pores and skin circumstance which affects 90% of population occasionally in life. It heals automatically (self-proscribing) in maximum of the instances without leaving any scar.

It is characterized via seborrhoea, the formation of comedones, erythematous papules and pustules. Less regularly there might be look, nodules, cysts, deep pustules or pseudocysts. In some cases, it’s miles followed via scars.

It is generally seen in children or teenagers. An predicted 80–ninety% of teens (eight out of 10) suffer from acne. During puberty in both sexes, zits appears because of an growth in androgens which include testosterone. It develops in advance in females than in males.

In a few cases zits can have an effect on people even in their forties also. One out of every 20 people in their fourth decade is likely to have acne.

The incidence fees are stated lower in some rural societies. In 2010 on my own, zits turned into envisioned to affect 650 million human beings globally making it the eighth maximum common sickness global. People are commonly suffering from this hassle specifically earlier than and after puberty.

Because of its cosmetic fee zits assumes lot of significance in the society.

What is Acne?

Acne is persistent infection of pilo-sebaceous follicles characterised by regions of blackheads, whiteheads, zits, greasy skin, and likely scarring.

It produces unsightly spots on the face, nose, neck, upper a part of chest, lower back and upper palms/ shoulders and buttocks.

The sebaceous gland is the site of the issues. These glands produce sebum which, consists of ldl cholesterol, fatty acids and waxes. Several matters can move incorrect with this fairly easy technique. For instance, if the production of sebum increases or if dead cells clog up the openings of the glands, the drift of the sebum receives disturbed. As a end result the pores get blocked and black zits expand as the sebum spills into the encircling tissue. These acne may even get infected. Male hormones, the androgens, are responsible, mainly for the over manufacturing of sebum and the consequent improvement of acne.

In Unani machine of drugs, pimples vulgaris is called as Basoor-e- Labniya, Mohasa or Keel. Busoor-e- Labaniyah this means that eruptions of milk because of whitish discharge comparable to milk. According to Ibn-e- Sina (Canon of Medicine), those are small white eruptions on the nose and cheeks which resemble condensed drops of milk.

Causes of Acne

According to trendy remedy the exact motive of pimples is unknown but several factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, infections, skin cosmetics, sure medicines and environmental conditions play vital position in causing acne.

As in line with Unani classics the purpose of zits is suppurative material (madda Sadeediya), which comes to the skin floor because of vapours of the frame (bukharat-e- badan) and this material does not get resolved within the skin because of its viscosity.

According to some Unani physicians, the main cause of acne (Busoor-e- Labaniyah) is the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands (Ghudud-e- Dohniya), which results into elevated production of oily cloth. This oily material gets clogged into the openings of those glands. These glands are then infected, get suppurated and filled with pus.

The yellow pus (madda-e- sadeedi) reaches to the skin due to improved peculiar warmness (ifraat-e- hararat ) and does no longer get resolved without difficulty from the pores. In other words, the yellow pus (madda-e- sadeediyah) originates due to the bukharat-e- badan and later receives shifted towards pores and skin.

The yellow liquid of pimples (busoor-e-labaniyah) is converted from the body vapours (bukharat-e- badan), that are accrued in the pores and skin and their mild ingredients (raqeeq) get transformed right into a thick fluid because of the impact of air and these thick substances aren’t easily resolved, subsequently the pores get blocked.

There are many reasons which cause the above defined pathogenesis, consisting of

Increased blood quantity inside the frame
Use of hot diets
Use of alcohol
Impurities of the blood
Sudden stoppage of haemorrhoidal blood
Menstrual disturbances and so on.
Signs of Acne

Blackheads (open plugged pores)
Whiteheads (closed plugged pores)
Papules (Small purple, gentle bumps)
Pustules (Pimples which can be papules with pus at their guidelines)
Nodules (Large, stable, painful lumps under the floor of the pores and skin)
Cystic lesions (Painful, pus-stuffed lumps beneath the surface of the skin)
Symptoms of Acne

Acne can cause extra than blemishes. Studies show that people who’ve acne could have

Low self- esteem
Dark spots on the pores and skin
Diagnosis of Acne

Your General health practitioner could be able to behavior diagnosis of pimples simply by using looking at your pores and skin spots. This will involve inspecting your face, chest, neck and returned and so on. Seeking out the special types of spots, such as blackheads or sore, red nodules etc.

Acne is diagnosed specially by way of its look. Physical exam, scientific and private records are useful to rule out some other possibilities inside the diagnosis of pimples.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures can assist the patients specifically to reduce the severity, swollenness and redness of the face. These suggestions can alleviate the complications arising from acne.

Avoid touching and scratching of the affected elements time and again. Wash your hands regularly with antiseptic creams and hold them smooth.
Avoid makeups. If required use simplest those types which can be oil unfastened and do no longer clog up the pores.
Stay far from daylight as it could produce greater oil glands inflicting acne. Use sunscreen while you move outdoor.
Balanced and entire food plan ought to be desired with more consumption of clean veggies and fruits.
Drink more and more amount of water (10-12 glasses every day) to flush out the pollutants from the frame.
Avoid ingesting of drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol. Also avoid smoking.
Regular exercising are beneficial to expel out the excreta from the frame.
Avoid tight garments together with caps and scarves. Wear light and loose clothes.

As per Unani philosophy the primary principles which can be accompanied for the control of pimples are:

Removal of underlying reason
Improvement of digestion and correction of hepatic insufficiency
Medication to improve the great of blood and if required then minimise the amount additionally.
Use of blood purifiers
The mainstay for the treatment of pimples in contemporary medication is using topical and or systemic antibiotics and retinoids. However long time use of these tablets may additionally produce significant facet results.

Physicians of Unani device have been practising many herbo- mineral formulations (each nearby as well as oral routes) for the remedy of zits, zits, and scars which can be beneficial inside the treatment and management of pimples vulgaris.

Oral drugs are required when zits is severe and can not be managed through nearby capsules and measures.

Scars which end result from acne require specialised care & management. Unani natural treatment efficaciously treatments this ailment without any terrible consequences.

List of Unani single pills: Out of those some are used orally and a few locally

Shaahatara Fumaria indica
Chiraitah Swertia chirayita
Sarphoka Tephrosia purpurea
Unnab Zizyphus jujuba
Sandal ki lakdi Santalum album
Neem ke patte Azadirachta indica
Sangtra ka chhilka Citrus sinensis
Gheekwar Aloe vera
Javitri Myristica fragrans
Dalchini Cinnamomum zeyalenicum
Anar ka Sangtra Punica granatum
Baadaam Shireen ka safoof Prunus dulcis/amygdalus
Ajwayin seeds Ptychotis Ajowan
Arand ka tel Ricinus communis
Menthi Trigonella foenum- graecum
Til ke beej Sesamum indicum
Haldi ka safoof Curcuma longa
Khire ka ras Cucumis sativus
Lemoon ka ras Citrus limon
Pudine ka ras

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